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Guided Hiking Excursions



In the heart of
Charlevoix, where unspoiled nature reaches one's own heart.


During summer and fall, Les Randonnees Boréales invites you to go hiking on the secret paths of Charlevoix's hinterland

Beside the parks and the ZECS ( controlled exploitation areas ) there still exists « unrestricted territories » seldom visited by humans and where the magnificent places and the imposing landscapes fill us with a deep silences and peaceful happiness.

Observation and interpretation of the environment : Many animals tracks   share our trails; wild and medicinal plants, a variety of trees, birds.

Visit of the Siberian Huskies kennel on request.

Our excursions are open to any healthy person in good physical condition.

On the mountain, only one of our excursions is of the typical intermediate type.

Excursions varying from 2 hours to 2 days.
Camping in the forest.

"Le seuil" Package.

2 hours in the valley (6km)

An easy excursion to discover a beaver pond ; its dams, its
eco system, forest path.

"La pleine" Package.
One day in the forest ( in the valley )

At noon, like a jewel in its case, a beaver pond where we can have lunch on its shore, and on our way back, we follow a moose trail in a very thick forest.

"La noyée" Package.
One day on this well-known mountain of the hinterland.

On an old forest road; a young plantation offering an unrestricted view;afar, several scattered villages  through  mountains and 
valleys; the maple grove, the valley of the Malbaie River. An easy
ascent, vast panorama… 360 degrees.

"La nuitée" Package.

24 hours; 2 half day excursions in the forest, one of which we 
spend at the beaver pond. One night in the prospector tent on a wooden floor surrounded by low walls.

"Le Gros Mont" Package.
An intermediate level excursion on the mountain.
One day, a 31/2 to 4 hours ascent.
A must for Charlevoix's most beautiful scenery!

Possibilities :

The GROS MONT in two days; wild camping on top of the mountain.

One can combine two days; one on the mountain and one on the plains. Spend a night in a prospector`s tent set up on a wooden floor surrounded by low walls.

Wild camping is also possible on our property. The landscape there is exceptional and the road is 2 km away.


Hush! Let the world go round!

Required equipment  :

All participants carry their own gear.

 Necessary equipment :

For the nights :

All our excursions are accompanied by interpreter guides training in advanced first aid in remote region.



Bring your own picnic or we can prepare it for you. The meals are cooked here
with biological vegetables  from our family garden, local meat 
and small wild fruits from the region.


1/2 day 40,00 $
1 day

80,00 $

24 hours 175,00$ meals and one night included
2 days 290,00 $ meals and one night included

Member of ATR (Regional Touristic Association) of Charlevoix.


Gîte de Pousse-Pioche
guide du Routard



gite de oPousse-Pioche

gite de oPousse-Pioche



We offer you two comfortable rooms on the second floor, sharing a large bathroom.

A hearty breakfast served in the morning at the dining room.



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